Why Co-working Works

Working from home can be pretty great but it can get a little daunting and lonely if you’re there EVERY SINGLE DAY, especially when you start to make friends with that pile of laundry that keeps staring at you. It’s a nice change to go sit at your favorite coffee shop but that can also hinder your ability for new ideas if the only person you can ask a question to is your favorite barista. Also, if you have a small team, a busy coffee shop might not be the place to go. We love the idea of co-working spaces because you can surround yourself with your peers and like-minded people. We feel it is so important to connect and look at what others are working on in your community, and to see if you may be able to help in anyway. Here are some of our favorite coworking spots in LA.

Biz Babes - Founded by two biz babes, Dani of @dazeyla and Taryn of @vegetaryn. They both missed the social interactions that came with having coworkers so they decided to join forces to create a co-working space for women. The place is located in a gorgeous historic building in downtown LA , and is within walking distance of some of the best restaurants and coffee shops. As you can see the decor is an absolute dream, and they are not lying when they say they ‘created an environment specifically for girls who ‘gram’’.

The Riveter - The Riveter is female founded and they pride themselves on community building. They really put their money where their mouth is hosting events like ‘Igniting the Leader Within’ and ‘Mindful Morning Meditations’. With two locations in Los Angeles, The Riveter features beautiful workspaces and facilities like outdoor decks, open rooms, meditation rooms, and a mix of lounge and office seating. They are big on equality knowing that women are the catalysts for change.

Rita House- Rita House was once a famed costume house in the 1970s, and when you are there, you really feel like you are hanging out in someone’s house. This space is focused on ‘bringing together the most creative, determined and innovative minds of all generations to inspire conversation and collaboration among our members.’ Rita House also hosts interesting events like ‘Mary Talks: Sex & Cannabis’ and wine tasting with a famous North American Sommelier judge.

All of these spaces have a common theme which is building and fostering a community. They all want you to feel like you are not alone while running your business. Community building is important because there will be many times on your journey that you will need advocates and support. Join us on October 20th to come be apart our community of industry leaders and professionals in Los Angeles. There you learn, grow, and make new friends to add to your community.

Ferial Moloo