The Collective Interview- Andy Nguyen

We are so excited to announce that, Andy Nguyen, co-founder of After's Ice Cream and six other incredible food businesses will be speaking at this year's Collective Conference. The Food Network called him the "mash-up king in the food industry", and he will be joining us on the panel Beyond The Social Feed! Exploring Offline Connections in Fashion, Food, & Travel. We recently had the chance to ask Andy some questions for some insight on how he stays inspired and his best advice to aspiring food entrepreneurs. Read on for more!


"If you think you're going to be filthy rich overnight... then this industry isn't for you."

What is your most favorite and least favorite things about the food business?

What I enjoy most about the food industry is that it's food and who doesn't enjoy food! The things I dislike about the industry are that I feel people don't understand how difficult it is to be in the food industry. It's not as rewarding financially as people would think and requires endless amounts of hard work. 

You have 7 food businesses! What inspires you to start something new?

I'm inspired by continuing to see void's in the food industry that I could apply and bring to life. I'm around so many talented people that I want to help them bring their dreams to life. 

You seem to have an incredible team working with you. What do you look for when hiring?

Good vibes. A person ready to put in the work and open to growing. We're always looking for opened minded people with lots or little experience.

Which came first, the idea of creating a lifestyle culture or the ice cream?

Coming from the apparel industry before this we always worked on building a culture in our brand before the products and I hope it shows through our work.

What advice would you give aspiring food entrepreneurs?

To be ready for an industry that's demanding. If you think you're going to be filthy rich overnight... then this industry isn't for you. It requires people that are passionate , ready to persevere, and put in tons of work because there's so many unexpected things that happen along the way. 

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