How to Stay Motivated During the Summer

Summertime and the livin is easy… well, sorta. As much as we would like to hang a sign on our door that says ‘Gone to the Beach’, there is still work to be done. Not to mention that work easily gets pushed further and further into the back of our minds as we tend to be a bit more social, spend more time outdoors, and squeeze in a few trips. We get it, some extra motivation helps especially when you’re scrolling through Instagram and catch a glimpse of one of your friends soaking up the sun in an inflatable swan. Read on for some tips on staying motivated this summer.

Revise Your Goals- Goals are a great way to get motivated but if you’ve been working at the same job for a while or feeling a little stagnant in your day-to-day as a solopreneur, the excitement of a new challenge might be just what you need. No need to add another thing on your to-do list, just simply revise an existing goal. Say your goal is make one new connection a month or to grow your email list by 500 in the next two months. Make is just a bit more challenging to fire you up. Instead try two new connections this month or 525 new email subscribers in the next two months.

Take a Break- That might seem counterintuitive but breaks actually improve mental performance and productivity. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for that one hour ice cream break.

Change Your Mindset- When we’re experiencing FOMO or just out of steam, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that are job ‘sucks’ or being an entrepreneur is too much. Time to flip that thought and show gratitude that you have a job or a business. You are deserving of being employed and abundant so that you are able to make a living and enjoy life. An attitude of gratitude can change everything.

Make a List- Lists are so great for organizing thoughts and keeping you focused. Plus, isn’t there something so satisfying about crossing things off?

Attend an Event- Check out a panel, a workshop, or a conference that relates to your career. At these types of events you’re bound to hear an inspiring keynote, or someone that teaches you something new. Sometimes it’s just surrounding yourself with people who you can empathize with so you don’t feel so alone especially as an entrepreneur.

Speaking of events, attending them is a great idea no matter what time of year! This October 20th, we are looking forward to sharing with you the very best industry professionals, influencers, tastemakers, and your favorite brands that the fashion, food, and travel industries have to offer at The Collective Conference 2018. You are guaranteed to walk away with actionable takeaways that will motivate you right through 2019!

Ferial Moloo