The Collective Interview- Gemma Stafford

We love when we come across one of Gemma Stafford's posts on Instagram. There you can expect anything from donuts, to mug recipes, to super sweet pictures of her pup, Waffles. Gemma is a professionally-trained chef/baker originally from Ireland who has built a massive community of Bold Bakers.

She also was a panelist at The Collective Foodie- Building a Lasting Brand where she shared her expertise on the business of food. You can check out that recap here

Gemma was gracious enough to take some time out of the kitchen to share with us how she stays motivated and what success means to her (hint: it's not about the numbers.)


They say "fortune favors the Bold' so if I could give someone advice, it would be to take risks and don't let anything get in your way. 

Bold Baking is about taking risks. What is the biggest risk you have taken in the kitchen and out?

Taking the leap to start Bigger Bolder Baking has to be the biggest risk I've taken to date. My husband and I quit our jobs, moved to a city where we didn't know anyone, and started making Youtube videos in our kitchen. Sounds like fun when you are in your 20's, but I was in my 30's. Thankfully, it all worked out for us. They say "fortune favors the Bold' so if I could give someone advice, it would be to take risks and don't let anything get in your way. 

Any risks I take in the kitchen all seem like a cake walk compared to the risk we took to get there. Pun intended. 

How do you define success?

It's really hard to measure your own success in this world where likes, views, and shares define whether you are good or not. I don't define success by these numbers because I'm more than that. We all are. 

Waking up every day and making my own work schedule is success to me. Having the flexibility to travel anywhere in the world while working is success. Being in charge of my own future is success. 

Who was the first big brand that you were excited to collaborate with? How did the connection happen?

After working with a few brands big and small over the past 4 years, the I'm really delighted by now is being the brand ambassador for Goodcook. We connected at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. Aligning myself with a brand that is great quality and one that I'm proud to stand behind is so important to me and my own brand. Also their products are made for people who love foo, and that is me in a nutshell. 

How do you stay motivated?

Across and all social media platforms we have a die hard, passionate following who love baking and food. Talking to them on a daily basis and answering their comments and questions keeps me motivated and excited about creating even more. Also my legion of 'Bold Bakers' come up with the best recipe ideas and have given me inspiration for a lot of my viral videos. 

Tell us about a time a recipe gone wrong but ended up being a great lesson learned.

I learned pretty fast that cake decorating is not my strong point. So, I came up with a 'fool proof' way of decorating cakes. I use a kitchen fork or spoon to create a rustic finish, or covering the cake in sprinkles so you can't see all the cracks and nobbly bits underneath. Even using a head of celery to create a rose print on a cake. These are the ways I can decorate the cakes and make them look incredible. I leave the pokemon cakes up to someone else. 

Ready to learn more? The Collective Conference happening this October 20th is the place to be! 

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