It’s Not Just About the Numbers


We’re all striving to gain more followers, to up that engagement, to grow our email lists, and of course make more money. Here at The Collective, we firmly believe that we are better together, and in truly owning that belief, we have come to realize it’s not all about the numbers. After our first conference in 2016, we began to see just how valuable building in-person relationships are, and our goal from then on out is to create these opportunities for connection and collaboration. So what should you be focusing on instead of the numbers?

Focus on Building a Community- If we were to ask would you rather have 10K followers or 2K followers, we’re 100% positive you would say 10K. Sounds pretty awesome! But what if those 10K were passive followers, and the 2K were highly engaged hanging on your every word? That 2K looks so much better. You want a community that supports you and you support them right back. Creating a community is so much more valuable than growing a following. When you gain a new follower, go check them out, like a few of their photos, and if you see any value in aligning with them, give them a follow. Engage with the following you already have. Leave them comments, ask them questions, really get to know them.  

Focus on Your Why- Yes, we know you want to make money. We have bills too! Being an entrepreneur is a wild ride. There are tons of ups and downs. Those downs are rough and it’s in those moments when you need to remind yourself of why you started. More money doesn’t make you happier. Being passionate, fulfilling your dreams, and making a difference in people’s lives is what is going to make you happier. What are truly passionate about? When you’re drivin by the money, it only makes it that much easier to quit in the beginning.


Focus on Providing Value- You’ve heard it a million times but it is worth repeating over and over: Quality over Quantity. You may have heard that if you post a few times a day on social platforms, you will grow a following faster. Posting a few times a day can get overwhelming real quick especially if you have other important business matters to attend to. This can lead to posts that don’t really do anything for your audience which in turn, doesn’t do anything for you. When you provide valuable content you build trust, and people buy from who they trust. This also goes for sending out emails. More emails sent does not equal more revenue. People will unsubscribe if you’re not helping them in anyway. Focus on one or two stellar emails a month, and people will be thrilled when you show up in their inbox.

Yes, numbers are important but we need to be able to see beyond them. Fostering a community, reminding yourself of your why, and making a commitment to provide consistent value will allow you to build a solid business with a solid following. We really strive to look beyond the numbers at our offline events to bring you the best content and true engagement. We are so ready to go above and beyond this year at our 2018 conference. 

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