7 Ways to Feel More Grateful Everyday

Taking inventory of all the things to be grateful for shouldn’t be reserved for just Thanksgiving. Practicing gratitude allows you to remain optimistic in life and generally makes you feel happier. So we put together a list of our favorite ways to practice gratitude everyday.


Find the lessons in your challenges. Yes, it’s a bummer when you don’t get that promotion or land that brand deal but there is always a silver lining, and it’s important that your seek it out. That is where the lessons are so that you can improve, learn, and grow.


Keep a gratitude journal. As we move through the day, the small moments can get lost in the shuffle. When you keep a gratitude journal, you’ll begin to seek out things to write in it, and you’ll find that there is always something to be grateful for.

Volunteer. Being of service allows us to step outside of ourselves and care for others the best way we know how. Studies have shown that volunteering can help combat anxiety and depression, and will lead to an enriched life.

Express Yourself. Ok we’re going to sound really cheesy here for a second but everyone has unique qualities that the world needs, so don’t hide yours! One of the best ways is to stay present and focus on the doing the things you truly enjoy.

Spend time with loved ones. Be with the ones that uplift you, encourage you, support you, and you do the same for them. It’s the right connections that transform our lives, and where we find the joy and meaning.


Celebrate the small wins. Buy yourself some flowers or stop by your favorite coffee shop. Let that moment provide you with momentum to fuel the next. Success is a great motivator in life so it’s important to recognize all your wins, even the small ones.

The Collective is wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful to you for being apart of our community.

Ferial Moloo