Meet Ferial - The Founder of The Collective Affair

Ferial Moloo is a highly ambitious entrepreneur who founded 365HANGERS in 2010. 365HANGERS quickly earned respect for its unique business model of using technology to connect brands with consumers through influencers to increase conversion on a proprietary fashion app. She led the successful acquisition of the company's technology platform and its fashion app Style Scavenger in 2015.

Ferial launched 365DOTS and its event platform THE COLLECTIVE AFFAIR in Oct 2016 with the intention of bringing together top influencers, brands consumers, and media professionals from Fashion, Food, and Travel. The Collective Affair in its third year, is a carefully curated and interactive series of events and annual conference designed to highlight trends, innovations and exciting happenings in trendy lifestyle space.


Why The Collective Conference? What did you see that was missing from other conferences that have to do with fashion, food, and travel?

In the last five years, we started to see a shift in lifestyle messaging for all consumer industries. Fashion wasn’t about just clothes, bags, and shoes anymore. It was no longer just about food, is was about the experience. We began to notice how brands started to adopt lifestyle messaging to be relevant and relatable to their markets. They also began working in a more collaborative manner. I looked at this trend as an opportunity to bring together leading industries to create a more cohesive strategy to reach out to their markets. There’s no other other conference in this city where fashion, food, and travel share the stage to address the same issues and trends.  

Why do you believe making offline connections are so important?

There’s NOTHING that can replace the power of off-line connections. I’ve believed in that from the very first day I started my company. I practice this belief in my professional and personal life.  Before I work with someone, I MUST meet that person. You get a better feel for who they are and can build an authentic relationship outside email and social media. Social and online connections have a very short shelf-life. That is my biggest reason for starting this conference and other off-line events.

What do you look for when choosing speakers?

I ask myself a few questions: Are they genuine? Do they know how to tell good stories in an exciting and engaging way? I am so blessed and honored to have some of the best and most sought after names in LA trust The Collective stage to share their wisdom and knowledge.


What's the biggest lesson you learned in the past three years from producing a conference?

It’s a LOT of work, and a LOT of fun, but also the most humbling experience to see the community that grows from the events we offer. Los Angeles is not an easy city to create and produce a conference. People in this city have too many choices, too many events to choose from. You must offer something that they can relate to and something that makes the most of their time.

What does the future hold for The Collective Conference? What are you hoping to achieve?

I ask this question to myself almost everyday. I think for any business, no matter what service or product they offer, future growth is always a work in progress. You cannot and must not even try to predict the future, but you must have a vision. I do see a The Collective experience growing outside Los Angeles, outside the US, and capturing new global markets. My hope is to create to a supportive community that can continue to learn from our events and conferences. Communities have the power to outlast brands, and that’s what I would like to achieve and see, a robust collective community.


  1. I love love animated movies. They are done with so much intelligence and captures some of the most sensitive topics very well. My favorite: SING, UP, & INSIDE OUT.

  2. My favorite cities in world are Istanbul, Mexico City, Lahore, and Seville. With all the places I’ve visited in the world, I’ve never been to Hawaii

  3. I started my career in social enterprise and then moved to the for-profit world. I think the skills I learned from working with people were the best learnings I had outside my formal schooling years.

  4. I’ve been married for 15 years and live with my husband in Santa Monica. We both love to entertain at home, and hardly talk work and business at home. He’s an entrepreneur as well in the technology space.

  5. Recently, I’ve started to stop working mid-day for two hours to recharge. This new habit has helped me to focus better and stay productive much longer after I restart. I don’t like to work in one stretch, so I’ve divided my day in 3 segments, and it has done wonders for me.

See you at The Collective Conference on Oct 20th!


Ferial Moloo