Meet Hilary Hahn, Founder of The Style Club

Hilary Hahn is a natural born entrepreneur having created a tween cosmetics line that sold in major department stores nationwide at the age 16. Her fashion resume is the stuff dreams are made of which includes being a designer/spokesperson for Levi, fashion correspondent/producer for the fashion networks E! and Style Haul, and created major campaigns for major brands like Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Steve Madden, Kitson, and Betsey Johnson. Also, one more fun fact about Hilary is that she opened for Destiny's Child and Christina Aguilera. What a life!

The Style Club was born from Hilary's love of underground artists, hidden gems, and believing it's really no fun looking like everyone else. We had the pleasure of asking Hilary questions about being an entrepreneur. Read on to soak up all the knowledge. 


What best motivates you and have your entrepreneurial motivations changed over time?

My motivation for The Style Club is to put an end to hatred. If we made one person think twice about discriminating against another, we did our job. That's my motivation, and it’s been my motivation since I was little. I actually wrote that in my diary when I was in 3rd grade, it's crazy.

How did you build a consumer culture around the products that you sell?

Our clothing spreads the message of love, unity and positivity. We especially need to teach our youth today that being nice and accepting others for who they are is cool! Wear your heart on your sleeve, literally. I think people really started to get behind the message and felt empowered by our brand because we're hearing about negativity around the world on a daily basis.

What were the biggest initial hurdles to building your business and how did you overcome them?

Goodness, everything was a hurdle! I had no experience. I was a show biz kid before all of this and studied film at school. I had no choice but to overcome every hurdle. I'm very resilient. 

What entrepreneurial trick have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day-to-day busy schedule? 

I don't think there's a “trick.” You either sink or you swim. Things need to get done and it's up to you to manage your time accordingly.

What blogs/websites/books do you look to for business news and inspiration.

I'm very inspired by people that are self-made, whether they are a musician, actor, athlete, doctor or businessman. It's so inspiring to learn about someone who dedicated their life to one thing with focus and drive. I listen to their stories via NPR’s How I Built This, Ted Talks, and I always love a good VH1 true story. I also read a lot of biographies and watch CNBC every morning. 

We are so excited that Hilary will be joining us for The Collective LA! She will be participating in our panel 'The Millenial Market for Fashion, Food, and Travel'. The information that we are about to receive is priceless so make sure you grab you tickets by clicking the button below!

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