Lunch is Served! A Sneak Peek at the Good Eats to Come

We know that some of the best parts of any event is the food, and we want to make sure you are properly fueled up for all the good information coming your way. Since Mexican food is practically a food group here in Southern California, we couldn’t be more excited that Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican will be serving us lunch. Established in LA in 1992, founder Steve Paperno, had a vision to combine flavors he experienced traveling in Mexico with innovative recipes and his passion for healthy living.

To make sure everything is going to be just right, we had to make a trip to Sharky’s and sample some of the menu ourselves. Hey, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

We decided to try the steak burrito because we figure it’s got all the good stuff in it. And it did not disappoint. Every bite was enjoyable as it’s easy to tell that the ingredients are fresh, natural, and organic. Also, it didn’t leave us with that yucky, heavy feeling after.


We know the day is going to jam packed, and you're definitely going to build an appetite, so we made sure that we are serving only the very best. There is so much more in store for you as our guest, so if you haven't grabbed your tickets yet, click the button below.

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