The Collective Affair's List of Top Fashion, Food, & Travel Influencers To Watch

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is one of the best places in the world for fashion, food, and travel. Naturally, that also makes it a city that’s filled with social influencers who have amazing stories to tell. Looking at them all, there is no way to pick a favorite. So, we composed a list of the very best micro-influencers of fashion, food, and travel. We chose them for these specific reasons:

  • We admire that they know how to talk to their audience.

  • They are always up-to-date with the latest trends.

  • They capture an essence of LA that is totally unique.

  • Their posts are always exciting and entertaining to the point that we find ourselves looking forward to what they will share next.

So without further ado, here is our list of LA’s Top Fashion, Food, & Travel Influencers To Watch.

Mel Rod of Mel Rod Style


To say that we are obsessed with Mel’s travel pictures would be an understatement. We love stopping by her blog because there is always so much to see. Not only can we read all about her travels, but you’ll also find stunning and fun videos to watch, beauty tips, and some really cool DIYs. And she’s also a stylist! We love a girl that can do it all.

Autumn Marie of Grl With Bangs


Autumn definitely has a passion for fashion as she gave up two athletic scholarships to pursue a career in that field, and we think she is killing it. Not only does she share her style and travels on her own blog but she also shares relationship advice on the very popular @couplegoals. If that wasn’t impressive enough, she just started her own PR firm! We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Kristen Ritchie of High End Hippie


Kristen started her blog on Tumblr and describes it as a moodboard for her life. We would definitely add her travel and outfit pictures to our moodboard. We love that she wants to inspire her audience to commit to a life they love by seeing where their dreams take them. She’s also a stylist, and we would let her dress us any day.

Caroline Juen of Love & Loathing LA


Caroline had us at her bio- “Competitive Ice Cream Eater. Professional Facial Expressionist. ‘Inventor of the Taco Emoji.’ Life Long Artiste.” Her personality shines through all of her posts, and you can really feel how much she loves her city. Her blog is a must-read if you want the latest in fashion, food, and fun in Los Angeles.

Francis Kenneth of Francis Kenneth


Francis is a real life hero having served in the US Navy, and as a musician and a blogger he can really do it all. As an LA native, we think he has natural born swag, and with his signature hat and movements caught mid-action, we think his style and photos are effortlessly cool. Check out his blog to seek inspiration for fashion, food, music and travel, and his ‘street-smart casual’ lifestyle that infuses the informal with the formal.

Jenny Ly of The Daily Jenny


It’s very clear that Jenny loves food, and we love her for it! We are always waiting with anticipation to see which delicious LA spot she’ll eat at next. Plus, her pictures make us want to reach right through the computer screen, and take a bite.  If you’re ever at a loss as to what to have for dinner or you have guests coming into town, Jenny’s blog is a must.

Celine Linarte of Celine Linarte


Just scrolling through Celine’s Instagram feed brings a smile to our faces. You can tell that she’s got an absolute love for fashion, food, and travel, and that she is having a blast sharing it. As a young blogger, we can’t wait to see where her career goes. We are willing to bet huge places.

Javvy of Savvy Javvy


If you are a fashion and travel addict, then Javvy’s blog and social channels is the place to be. We can’t get enough of of her street style photos, and she gives excellent travel advice for destinations all over the world. We only wish we were having as much fun as her.

Taylor Danielle Stone of Merged Fashion


Taylor Stone is the creative mind behind this fashion blog. She believes that fashion has merged with our lifestyles, and is connected to our sense of selves, and we agree. Not only does she have an amazing sense of style and a passion for aesthetics but she also works as the Lead Creative Copywriter for Revolve. We wish we could soak up all her creativity when reading her blog.

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