Our Favorite Instagrammable Restaurants in Los Angeles

Posting a picture of your food or where you’re eating is beautiful content for social media even if you aren’t a food blogger. People love food, and it’s an easy conversation starter. Also, it’s a great way to knock out two things at once, get some content and nutrition. We decided to make a list of our favorite spots to fill our bellies and to take some good pictures.

1. Commissary at The Line Hotel- This restaurant is an all glass urban greenhouse with lush greenery everywhere and great natural light, a photographer's dream.

photo by  @clicktrips  

photo by @clicktrips 

2. The Royce- Bright and spacious. White decor with blue accents and mismatched furniture make for a pristine and chic look.

photo by  @roycesteak

photo by @roycesteak

3. Redbird- This place is set in the city’s first Archdiocese Catholic Cathedral. We love the bright furniture and it’s contrast to the white walls with black trim.

photo by  @laurejoliet

photo by @laurejoliet

4. Cliff’s Edge- It says on their Instagram that they have the best patio in LA. We don’t disagree.

photo by  @vickylee51

photo by @vickylee51

5. Brite Spot- We love the retro decor and groovy ceiling lights. Plus, they have a rad patio and chicken and waffles.

photo by  @ashsky

photo by @ashsky

With this being LA, this list could easily get very long. Share with us below some of your favorites places to snap and grub. After all, if you didn’t take a picture of your food, did you even eat it?

Also, we will be discussing all things food and so much more at our upcoming conference! 

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