Meet Alexis Schulze, The Boss Woman Behind Nekter Juice Bar

Pictured: Alexis Schulze, Co-Founder of Nekter Juice Bar

Pictured: Alexis Schulze, Co-Founder of Nekter Juice Bar

Juice, fresh pressed juices we should say, has taken the West Coast by storm. One of our favorite juice brands, also happens to be co-founded by a truly dynamic and kind-hearted woman entrepreneur, Alexis Schulze. She is the brains and beauty behind Nekter Juice Bar. But don't be fooled - they sell more than just juice! They've got yummy acai bowls, epic chia seed puddings, and now, "skoop," a yummy new dessert that will have you thinking you're eating ice cream but it's actually made out of nut milk - all the creamy goodness without the guilt. With over 70 stores in the United States, Nekter Juice Bar is nothing short of on its way to be the Starbucks of juice. That's why we're elated to have Alexis as the afternoon keynote speaker and Nekter as our official juice sponsor at our upcoming conference in October. She'll be sharing her insights and knowledge on building a successful and profitable brand with products that people enjoy. To celebrate, we're releasing a limited amount of Nekter VIP Tickets. For $300 (which is half off regular price tickets), this ticket will give you and a friend access to the conference, in addition to a meet and greet with Alexis and a Nekter swag bag. But only 10 pairs of Nekter VIP Tickets will be released. 

Now, we know that October can seem like a ways away to wait for Alexis to speak. Thankfully, she graciously gave us some boss tips to pass onto you until then. Read on below. 


What prompted you to start Nekter?

When I started juicing I thought the juices offered at the time were awful tasting. I always had to tweak the recipes to how I liked them, adding apple for sweetness or lemon for flavor. When I added juice into my everyday routine, I loved how it made me feel. I found a niche in the juicing world, which at the time, felt conventional to only yogi’s and the elitist. We wanted to open a place more mainstream so everyone can enjoy juicing and reap all the benefits.


Congratulations on such a rapid expansion. What was the moment that you knew you had tapped into something big?

Well, I kind of always knew this was something big... juice anyways. The first day we opened our flagship store in Costa Mesa, CA, I said, "We are going to be the Starbucks of Juice.” We still have a long way to go for that though! Our menu had grown exponentially as well, keeping it simple yet innovative, keeps our loyal customers attracted to Nekter.


What is your go-to juice?

I have always been drinking our signature juice, The Greenie, adding extra lemon. The lemon makes it really zesty and bright. I crave one almost every day. Often I’ll add in beets when I feel like my body needs an extra nutrition boost.


What is the most important part about building a brand?

You have to really believe in what you are doing. Doing it for the right reasons, inspiring others to get behind the mission and work towards a vision as a team. Naturally, Nekter’s culture grew and evolved over time and our brands voice became clear.


What advice would you give to someone starting out in the health and food industry? 

Lead with your heart. Do something you are passionate about and know you are doing others a service - you are in the health and food industry and that should come easy. I think deep down inside we all want to help make the world a better place... and this industry provides plenty of opportunity to do that. 


Alexis Schulze of Nekter Juice Bar will be the afternoon keynote speaker at The Collective Conference this October. Save $300 and get a meet and greet with her at the conference by purchasing the Nekter VIP ticket. Limited quantities available. 

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