3 Ways To Stand Out As a Blogger

How do you stand out amongst established bloggers and the new ones that are popping up everyday?

1. Let your personality shine through! No one is you and that is your power, not only in the blogging world, but in life. Sure it can be a little scary to be vulnerable online but that it was is going to differentiate you. Carrie Bradshaw Lied is a life and style blog by Kathleen and she does an excellent job of being unapologetically herself. 

2. Share useful content. It's not enough to just show your amazing outfit or the fancy hotel stayed at. You must bring value to your audience. Give them something that solves a problem and enhances their lives. This will make them more likely to share with their friends and to keep them coming back. We love this post by Vic Sanders author of Vic Styles. She shares how she got out of a rut which is something that is definitely relatable whether you are an entrepreneur or not. 

photo by  @thevicstyles

3. LOVE your audience. Focus on the readers that you do have. Don't obsess about the readers that you don't have. Respond to their comments. Ask them questions. Find ways to promote them if you can. It takes time to build loyalty and trust but it will pay off. Shalice Noel, of her blog with the same name, does an excellent job of responding to her readers on her blog. 

photo by  @shalicenoel

photo by @shalicenoel

When you decide to start a blog, or perhaps you have already started, you will find challenges along the way but you shouldn't let them to deter you from following you passion. If you are looking to learn more and to grow your business, we are having an all day conference to discuss the latest in fashion, food, and travel. 

Ferial Moloo