Meet Noor Alhajjaj, Dubai Influencer

At our successful Dubai launch this past November, we were so fortunate to meet so many new people involved in the lifestyle verticals of fashion, food, and travel. It was an exciting night of mixing and mingling and getting to know the Dubai audience.

We had the pleasure of meeting Noor Alhajjaj an influencer in Dubai. She has an incredible Instagram following of  139K and let us pick her brain a bit about what its like to be an influcncer in Dubai. Read on for some great info.


Was it always your plan to become an influencer or was it something that evolved naturally?

Since am a hijabi women, I love styling and giving my hijabi outfit more simplicity and elegancy at the same time without being away from fashion and trends. Many people looking at a hijabi girl and mami at the same time say that  "she cannot be stylish and trendy while she is wearing a scarf"; but my family and friends always liked the way that I styled my clothes in a very creative way, and they supported me to start sharing my outfits on Instagram and giving ideas on how to style simple items together without buying expensive brands. "No need for expensive brands to be stylish.’’

What is your most favorite thing and least favorite thing about being an influencer?

Most fav thing is how I can help girls style their clothes and give them more ideas on how to wear such item in different ways while encouraging them that hijab is not an obstacle of being trendy.

Least fav thing, people can’t understand some items would be good on you but not good on them, social media is a big world, as a human being we need to take the good and leave the bad without hurt others by words.

Where do you find inspiration?

Mama and fashion shows are my all time inspiration. Sometimes window shopping gives me an idea about outfit that can make a whole change.

Finding balance and the time to recharge can be a very difficult thing as an entrepreneur, how do you accomplish this?

Mama and my husband always supporting me. They provide a full help, so when I have a load work I try to manage my projects in a week and the weekend for family.

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