Meet Amber Farr, Founder of Flynn Skye

Amber Farr is the founder and designer at the very popular Flynn Skye, a women's clothing line that marries 'a little sexy, a little edgy, and a lot of beach meets the city'. One glance at her Instagram and site, and you can see that each piece does just that. Her inspiration behind the line is her now 11 year old daughter proving that there is nothing quite like that mother-daughter bond. Go-getters like Amber always fascinate and inspire us, and we feel lucky that she answered some of our questions about being an entrepreneur. Read on to hear what she has to say about finding balance and what inspires her. 

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How long after you started Flynn Skye did you realize you tapped into something big?

Big… hmmm I still don’t feel that way. It is hard to explain for me. It all feels sort of out of body. I have definitely had moments where I pull over in my car to have a little cry but most of the time I am just trying not to fall off of the hamster wheel. Ha ha

What were the biggest initial hurdles to building your business and how did you overcome them?  

In the beginning it felt pretty effortless. The biggest hurdles as I grew and are cash flow and inventory control. Both can kill a thriving business.

Finding balance and the time to recharge can be a very difficult thing as an entrepreneur, how do you accomplish this?

I have non-negotiables. I always go with Flynn in the morning to a local cafe before school, and then I work out. After that I feel ready to take on the day. I also tend to be more of a recluse at night. For me, that is essential to performing in a stressful business.

What blogs/websites/books do you look to for business news and inspiration?

My friends are all in the business and they definitely inspire me. I love to read anything. Talking to people that are like mentors is invaluable as well. Anything to learn. Things are changing faster than ever, so you have to be much more than just a designer now.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice to anyone starting a business is don’t sweat the small stuff. Have an end goal and focus on that because then at you at least have a direction. I also say focus on the solution not the problem. I also really try to have fun and make an environment that my staff likes. XOXOXOXO

Amber will be joining our 'Social Selling On Demand' panel to discuss the concepts, benefits, and strategies of social selling. Join the conversation by clicking the button below!

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