Our Top 5 Favorite Things About #TheCollectiveLA

The big day is almost here, and #TheCollectiveLA team is really excited to share the very special day that we have curated for our guests. Till then we’d thought we would put together a list of our top 5 favorite things about the event.

  1. The Food- We know how important the food is to any event. Everyone LOVES food, and we know our guests will not be disappointed. We have picked some of the best food in Los Angeles to keep us properly fueled all day long. The morning will start with coffee, tea and Drink Bai, and treats from Mr. Holme’s Bakehouse and Nature’s Bakery. Lunch will be served by Sharky’s. Read about our sneak peek of the menu here. And to end the day, we’ve put together The Taste of LA which you can read more about here.

  2. The Speakers- We are so proud of each and every one of our speakers. They have each paved their own unique way in their industry, and the knowledge that they are going to share with our guests is priceless. We have a great mix of powerhouse companies, entrepreneurs who have started incredibly successful brands, and influencers who have carved a niche in their market. Our panels include ‘Social Selling On-Demand’, ‘The Millennial Market for Fashion, Food, and Travel’, and ‘I Woke Up Like This’ which will discuss what goes on behind the scenes of those perfect posts. Learn more about that here.

  3. The Gifting Suite- We appreciate all our guests, and to show our appreciation we’ve curated some of our favorite brands in LA to create a gifting suite. We know a lot of our guests are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs,and we want them to walk away with something tangible to treat themselves with. Also, we want to showcase the very best that LA has to offer. Check out who is joining us: Via Saviene, Trvl Porter, Base Coat, Hadron Epoch, and Hang High.

  4. The Networking and Learning- One of the main reasons The Collective exists is so that like-minded people can have a chance to connect, to learn, and to inspire one another. We love getting to know people in our community, and we want to support them in anyway that we can. This will be so much more than just handing out business cards. This is a chance to engage in conversation with our peers. We know our guests and speakers are in this mindset, and we have gathered some of the best brands, media, and influencers in fashion, food, and travel to share their lessons and perspectives in business. There are guaranteed to be some major takeaways.

  5. The Energy- Walking into the conference last year sort of felt like walking into the first day of school. We were excited to meet all of the new faces, and ready to absorb all of the info from not only the speakers but also our guests. We definitely felt that same buzz around us as we watched our guests interact with each other. Everyone enjoyed the food, drinks, and gifts from The Taste of LA, and we know this year will bring us the same high energy and good vibes. Here are what some people said about last year’s event:

“I thought we presented such an interesting mix of backgrounds and expertise. Several people approached me afterwards to share how much they enjoyed it, too. :)” - Francesca Nunez of Tastemade  

"Thank you so much for having me!  So much fun speaking on panel with everyone. It was an awesome event" - Lauryn of The Skinny Confidential  

"Simply outstanding, can’t wait to see where you take this next" -Dulari Amin, President at Phenomenon  

"It was such an honor to be included on the panel. We hope we are able to contribute to future events" -Brian Fujita, Partner/Brand Director at zeroUV  

“It was a pleasure to be part of such a great event, I really enjoyed meeting everyone.” - Scott Wicken of Combatant Gentlemen  

"Wow, what an amazing conference! All day I was approached by so many guests saying how they learned so much" - Wendy Bendoni, Fashion Marketing Chair at Woodbury University  

"Congratulations on such a successful event, thrilled to have the opportunity to experience the day" - Barbara Bouza, Managing Director/Principal at Gensler

With just a few days left we are almost SOLD OUT! Click the button for your chance to join us.

Ferial Moloo